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Nightlife Outreach provides harm reduction from substance misuse by providing information and support through our community support groups and art/music therapies.

We educate young people on the use of substances and the effects on people. This education tool is used to aid prevention and hopefully stops issues relating to substance misuse happening in the future. 

Better education will result in greater awareness and understanding of addiction. This will enable us to not only help more people in their battle to recovery but also work towards reducing drug and alcohol-related problems affecting local communities. 

As part of this aim, we manage a series of campaigns, to increase awareness of the far-reaching impact of addiction on individuals, families and communities, improve access to treatment for all those who need it, promote research into different facets of addiction, and remove the stigma associated with this life-stopping condition.  

dedicated to reducing harm from substance misuse and mental illness through the education & training of young vulnerable adults.

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