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Our Work in Birmingham

Birmingham has always been a proud city that embraced all cultures as part of the wider Brummie community and is known worldwide for its diversity and cultural harmony.

From the 18th century, Birmingham has been recognised as a center for cultural pluralism. In 1969, Jane Jacobs described Birmingham as one of the world's greatest examples of urban creativity, speaking about our City she said, “It has grown through constant diversification.” 

​​​​​One of the reasons Birmingham was able to grow so diversely was due to its unusual tolerance and openness to new ideas. Diversity is not only reflected in the history of our City but also in our communities. 


We have seen that the needs of our diverse BME and LGBTQ+ communities need to be better addressed and know this can be done in a way that works in hand with the cultural differences of each group. Currently, the information on social, health and wellbeing, or drugs and alcohol abuse for the BME and LGBTQ+ communities are generic. Often they do not address the specific impact on the cultural, heritage, and ethnic diversity of these groups.


​We are looking at ways to increase offers of support and guidance to all members of our community.

We aim to provide services to meet the needs of the people of Birmingham, no matter their cultural background.

Through our existing programs and the creation of new online services, we are working to continue to provide mental health and substance misuse support and guidance to all.

dedicated to reducing harm from substance misuse and mental illness through the education & training of young vulnerable adults.

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